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The Beat Dolls - Death of the Party EP

Goslings! The Beat Dolls just released an EP on Band Camp. Aren't you all lucky and fuzzy (including your fave gosling wrangler). The EP has four tracks - Rumors, Listen and Learn, We'll See and Two of a Kind. Rumors was a fabulous choice for the first track. It's my fave of the bunch and the harmonies are superb. The best thing about this is that there's not a single slow song in the bunch. It's all fast and best played loud. Great stuff.

Tasting notes: Significant overtones of the Dance Hall Crashers. There's some hints of Bad Religon in there, especially on "Rumors" and "We'll See". Angie's voice sounds a bit like L7 on some of the tracks ("Listen and Learn" in particular). It's punk. It's good.

Take a listen and if you can part with the wee sum of $3, you too can have your very own copy of "Death of the Party" - just like me.

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