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Listen2MyRadio Gives You a Shot at Internet Broadcasting

Whilst perusing the Native Instruments forum I stumbled across a fellow DJ looking for help configuring Traktor to broadcast to As I'm always willing to give an internet broadcaster a hand I figured I'd take a gander at the service and see what it's all about and write up a quick tutorial on how to set it up.

I like the idea of free radio stations. I can see all the licensing issues that arise but this is a really good way to give broadcasting a shot without putting in too much investment (over and above your music collection, your controllers, and your DJ software - none of which are cheap by any means). Unlike Live365, Listen2MyRadio isn't a portal. You're listener base is purely driven by who you can get to tune in. That's not a bad thing - especially if you just want to give it a shot.

Who knows... I might even toss up a random hour here or there. My stream is at Don't hold your breath though. I'm a Eve Radio stalwart.

What I Found Out

After dorking around with trying to connect using the IceCast protocol I have come to the conclusion that free accounts do not support the format even though they say they do. I tried everything. And that's an awful lot of different options.

Unfortunately, Traktor's native broadcasting feature only works with IceCast (which I find odd 'cause most Internet radio stations I've looked at use ShoutCast). I think I know why though. The MP3 encoder costs money and most commercial applications don't want to deal with the licensing. I get it even though it sucks. So, in order to make this work you'll also need a ShoutCast encoder with MP3 capabilities. The good news is I know the perfect one.

One other thing that kinda bummed me out is that you can't get listener statistics. But I'm thinking that the average user of this service is likely to be playing to just a couple o' buddies. Thus... probably not an issue. If you are going to go with a premium package, and you play music, I'd probably recommend Live365 because licensing is included in the price and if you're going to get serious about your own radio station then you definitely want some sort of royalty agreement. But let's not get into that. That's a whole 'nother topic.

What You Need

A Listen2MyRadio account and an installed station.

Some sort of music program to play your tunes . I use Traktor. You can use anything that flips your lid.

Broadcast Using This Tool (BUTT). You can pick up BUTT at There's versions for Windows, Linux and Mac so all my DJ friends should be set.

Setting Up

If you can hear music out of Traktor in some way through your computer speakers then all you need to do is configure BUTT. And that's not terribly difficult. When you set up your account with Listen2MyRadio and installed your station they gave you a couple of pieces of information and asked you to set a broadcaster password. You'll need this to connect.
1. Install Broadcast Using This Tool - easy enough.
2. Launch Traktor and Broadcast Using This Tool
3. Click on "Settings". This will launch another window.
4. On the "Main Tab" select which audio device Traktor is sending audio data to. This is really machine dependent so go through all the options with Traktor playing until you see the "level meter" start to do something.
5. Click "Add" under the server section. This will launch another window.
6. Click the "ShoutCast" radio button.
7. In the "Name" field give it something to identify what this server is. I don't have multiple online gigs but if you do this is a fabulous feature.
8. In the "Address" field enter the IP address that L2MR gave you under "IP".
9. In the "Port" field enter the Port number that L2MR gave you.
10. In the "Password" field enter the broadcaster password (not the admin one).
11. Click Add.
12. Click the Stream Tab
13. Select a bit rate of 64K and a sample rate of 44100Hz - unless you have a premium account and then you'll use whatever you're paying for.
14. Channel should be stereo. Codec should be mp3

Now all you need to do is click on the "Play" button on the main BUTT screen and you will be connected to your stream. Easy, eh?

Still having issues? Need some additional help on more advanced configuration? Let me know in the comments and I am your servant.

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